Basic Working Puppy Foundation Training

Building Bonds, Shaping Behaviors: Basic Puppy Foundation Training

Intensive Basic K9 Puppy 21 day Foundation Course for working K9 prospects:

Course Length: 21 days of intensive learning and engagement with trainer

Age Requirements: Puppy 6-12 months (for puppies younger than 4 months choose our puppy foundation program)

Our training always begins with a written evaluation of your puppies temperament, thresholds, environmentals and other factors to establish a baseline from which we work through the process. We evaluate the puppy for the chosen specialty and determine a baseline before drawing up a training plan. Each puppy is trained according to their individual drive level and talents.

We use a unique balanced training approach meaning we adhere to the four quadrants of behavior and a low-no conflict approach to the training.

Training Components: our base line objectives

1. Core Obedience Commands: Your working puppy will learn foundational obedience commands such as sit, stay, recall, heel, and down. These commands are essential for maintaining control and focus during their future working tasks.

2. Leash Skills For Communication: We use our unique method of leash pressure training to quickly teach your puppy how to communicate using the leash. We use the leash to communicate not control.

3. Scent Introduction: Depending on the specific working role, we may introduce scent detection training, exposing your puppy to various target odors to develop their scenting abilities.

4. Environmental Socialization: Your working K9 prospect will be exposed to a variety of environments, surfaces, and sounds, helping them adapt and remain composed during different working scenarios.

5. Impulse Control: We'll work on teaching your puppy impulse control to prevent distractions from interfering with their duties and maintain a strong working focus.

6. Confidence Building: Our training methods emphasize building your puppy's confidence, critical for working K9s to perform optimally in high-pressure situations. We spend a large portion of the training time building your puppies confidence and awareness.

7. Positive Reinforcement Training: Using positive reinforcement techniques, we create a positive and rewarding training experience, enhancing your puppy's motivation and enthusiasm for their tasks.

8. Problem Solving and Decision Making: We'll encourage your puppy to make sound decisions and problem-solve through interactive training scenarios, preparing them for real-life working challenges.

9. Vehicle Familiarization: We'll introduce your puppy to vehicles and travel, ensuring they are comfortable and composed during transportation.

10. Handler Bonding: We emphasize fostering a strong bond between your puppy and their future handler, as this connection is vital for effective communication and cooperation.

11. Experienced Trainer: Our trainer has extensive experience in working with K9s for various roles, providing your puppy with expert guidance and support through measurable results training.

12. Physical Conditioning: Depending on the working role, we'll focus on age-appropriate physical conditioning to build strength and endurance.

13. Health and Nutrition: We'll provide guidance on proper nutrition and healthcare to ensure your working puppy is in optimal physical condition.

14. Realistic Training Scenarios: Training exercises are designed to simulate real-life working situations, preparing your puppy for their future duties.

By the end of our Basic K9 Puppy Foundation Course for working prospects, your puppy will have the skills, confidence, and focus needed to excel in their specific working role. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for their future training and ensure they become an invaluable asset in their professional capacity. Join us today and set your working K9 prospect on the path to a successful and fulfilling career!.


Basic K9 Puppy Foundation Training Course is tailored specifically for working K9 prospects! This specialized program is designed to provide your future working dog with the essential training and skills necessary for their role in various professional capacities. We understand the unique needs of working dogs and have crafted a comprehensive course to prepare them for a successful career in their respective fields.

We Know Working Dogs
What I have seen in Mona this week is leash connection. That pup can be very independent, possessive and bossy. But only when driven and free off leash. When I attach the lead or come to her with a slip lead she immediately becomes calm, engaged and part of a k9/handler team. She will even offer to put her head into a slip lead. She is very calm when attaching a leash or putting on a harness. She has such a clear head. Your ways of handling these pups and communicating with them is stellar..”

- Mac K9

-what our clients say-

Detailed Video Updates On Our Progress

21 days total duration boarding 420.00

Foundation Training 1100.00


Odor Indication 1 odor inquire 450.00

Tracking/Trailing inquire 450.00

Bite Development 250.00

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