21 Day OB Intensive

Every Monday and Friday 17:00

Sometimes nothing feels as good as putting on your gloves and kicking the crap out of a boxing bag or a set of pads. In our cardio boxing classes, we’ll focus on great technique and build stamina through boxing-inspired routines. There won’t be any contact exercises, meaning that you can get the benefits of a boxing workout without the fear of breaking someone’s nose. 

a detail of our 21 day in house K9 training program

Our 21-day dog training obedience intensive is a structured program designed to provide intensive training and behavior modification for dogs. It involves daily training sessions, consistent reinforcement, and immersion in a controlled training environment. While the specifics may vary depending on the dog and their goals we use a standard format for the training, here's a general breakdown of what you can expect from our 21-day dog training obedience intensive:

Day 1-3: Evaluation and Introduction

- The trainer assesses the dog's behavior, temperament, and current level of training.

- An initial training plan is developed based on the dog's needs and the owner's goals.

- The dog is introduced to the training facility, trainer, and other dogs if necessary.

Day 4-7: Basic Commands and Foundation Skills

- Focus is placed on teaching basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and walking on a leash.

- The trainer works on building a solid foundation for future training, emphasizing proper technique and consistency.

- The dog learns to respond reliably to commands in controlled environments.

Day 8-14: Advanced Training and Socialization

- Training progresses to more advanced commands and skills, such as heel, leave it/NO , and place.

- The dog is exposed to various socialization scenarios, including interactions with people, other dogs, and different environments.

- Problem behaviors or issues, such as jumping, excessive barking, or leash pulling, are addressed and corrected.

Day 15-18: Distraction Training and Proofing

- The dog's ability to perform commands in the presence of distractions is tested and improved.

- Training sessions are conducted in progressively more challenging environments, introducing distractions like other dogs, loud noises, or food temptations.

- The dog is taught to maintain focus and obedience despite external stimuli.

Day 19-21: Owner Involvement and Transition

- The owner is brought in for training sessions to learn how to handle and reinforce the dog's training.

- The trainer educates the owner on maintaining the dog's progress and provides guidance on continued training at home.

- The dog's training is fine-tuned and polished, ensuring a smooth transition back to the owner's home environment.

Throughout the 21-day period, the dog's progress is regularly assessed and documented. The trainer may provide updates to the owner on the dog's behavior, training milestones achieved, and any areas that need further work. It's important to note that successful training and behavior modification require ongoing practice and reinforcement from the owner even after the intensive program ends.

Keep in mind that this breakdown is a general overview, and the specifics may vary depending on the training program or trainer you choose. It's essential to communicate with the trainer beforehand to understand their training methods, philosophy, and the specific goals you have for your dog.