Lets Start The Cone

The venerable traffic cone is a tool that we use more than any other. We take a look here at how to start using it as a marker for sending the dog out.


B Anderson

6/5/20231 min read

One of the significant advantages of making your own dog training equipment is the ability to personalize it according to your dog's individual requirements. Every dog is unique, with different sizes, strengths, and temperaments. By designing and creating your own equipment, you can customize it to suit your dog's needs perfectly.

For this behavior we are going to make a quick easy piece of kit to help us get the point across to the dog concerning what we want. what we want is to make the top of the cone very interesting and a point of interest. I will use high value food to stimulate the dog and bring him to the top of the cone. This setup allows me to do that and to regulate the amount and the time between pieces of food are given.

Once we have the puppy/dog coming in to the top of the cone we then begin to increase the feeding frequency to keep them there and build duration at the cone top. Then we take this and begin to send the dog out to it.

Why Not Make It Yourself