Building The Working K9 Seminar

'Unleash The Power' will be an intensive, hands-on seminar focusing on basic as well as advanced training techniques developed by Master K9 Trainer Leos Drbohlav . We will cover obedience, protection, and more. This is an incredible opportunity for all K9 enthusiasts, trainers, and handlers to expand their knowledge and refine their skills."

July 8-9 2023

Obedience - There will be a great deal of focus given the difference between "obedience" and in "communication" and how that interplays with our dog and training.

Protection - Developing protection in our dog is primarily about understanding aggression. There are 8 different types of aggression. When we as trainers understand aggression and these eight different types then our dogs bite work becomes powerful, sharper, clearer, with more possibility for flawless control….

It is absolutely necessary to understand not only for higher level of performance for top competitions such IGP, PSA, Mondioring etc. but also for regular life cooperative behaviors.

"Remember there is no wrong behavior of a dog, it is just wrongly adapted instincts to our world. At this seminar I will help you to understand, and I will show you hands on, how to create the dynamic where the dog understands how he fits in your world."

Leos Drbohlav

  • Obedience Understanding & Actualizing On A new Level

  • Understanding Aggression & How It Applies In Protection Training,

  • Learn Skills for Developing Real Life Protection Dogs.

  • Learn the 8 different types of aggression

  • Applying The New Understanding In Your Training Real World.

  • Your dog will gain power, be sharper, have more clarity, and capable of flawless control after understanding and teaching your dog the material in this seminar.



Director of Training TCI K9 Tx.

Leos Drbohlav is an internationally renowned canine trainer and breeder with extraordinary ability in the training of working canines, canine trainers as well as the genetics associated with the breeding of working canines for use in military, law enforcement and border patrol applications.

Mr. Drbohlav has trained with the leading experts in his field and is rightly considered an expert in the science of animal behavior. Leos regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States and Europe for military personnel and law enforcement. He has individually titled fifteen canines of which seven were titled at the most demanding level.

The uniqueness of Mr. Drbohlav’s training combines modern science and the understanding of training, not only with dogs but also other species – such as sea mammals. This stems from his gained experience with law enforcement and military. The foundation of his training is the merging of science and practice. With hundreds of seminar hrs and work shop classes taught his experience is one of a kind in the specialty field of K9 Protection Training.

We are thrilled to invite you to a groundbreaking event that will revolutionize the way we train working dogs. "Unleash The Power: Building The Working K9" is a two-day intensive workshop featuring the renowned expert in the field, Leos Drbohlav. Join us on July 8th and 9th as we delve into the latest techniques, insights, and best practices in working dog

This exclusive event is designed to empower and inspire trainers like you who are passionate about honing their skills and maximizing the potential of their canine partners. Leos Drbohlav a leading authority in working dog training, will share his expertise gained through years of experience working with elite organizations and handlers worldwide. It is suggested you reserve your spot now as we will sell out FAST due to demand.

Key Event Details:

Date: July 8-9 Time: 0830-5:00 Venue: Shreveport, LA. Catered Lunch Provided Coffee, Water, and Refreshments Available Throughout the Day Each Participant Receives an Exclusive Event T-Shirt we look forward to seeing you there!